Author: Patricia Wilson

The Transforming Needs of The Merchant Checkout Experience

Shifting to digital platforms is priority number one for all merchants but making the switch can be a hassle — more so as regards to upgrading the payment experience ahead of a crisis.

According to Visa, meeting a competent technology provider and entering relationships with the right payment experts is critical in implementing trending methods.

“The checkout experience is changing and evolving,” Josh Park, A senior executive at Visa, told PYMTS. “Luckily, the market has a rich pool of resources for merchants to rely on.”

Across the board, COVID-19 has pushed the payments sector to tap into the many digital methods— particularly mobile-based payments, contactless transactions, automatic invoicing, and digital checkout.

The senior executive hinted that Visa has so far … Read More

A Springtime Shoe Selection

Spring is upon us, dear readers, and whether you’re looking for something strappy or sleek, platform or perfectly flat, bold or basic, the new season is an excellent excuse to replenish your shoe closet. After all, there’s something truly transformative about getting a fresh pair of sandals—nothing else imparts that “winter is over” feeling in quite the same way! There are scads of scrumptious shoes right now that are not only au courrant but affordable as well. For your viewing and shopping pleasure, we’ve gathered a few choice selections that hit upon some of the season’s biggest shoe trends: animal exotics, brights, and gladiators.

springtime shoe selection

Animal Exotics

MICHAEL Michael Kors Logo Plate Thong ($108.95)

These snakeskin embossed leather sandals are a … Read More

What a Man’s Shoes Say About Him

As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul, the shoes are the windows to almost every aspect of a man. What a man puts on his feet reflect dozens about him. From being lazy, oblivious, keen, to style-savvy and there are more shoes can tell about a man. They say ladies judge men’s shoes twice as men do, making shoes the turning point for a woman choosing to associate or not to.

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Makeup on the Go: Preparing While Commuting

You sleep late, so you wake up late. You’re always running on no sleep and the few minutes you have in the morning is spent beating the rush-hour traffic to get to work on time. If you add makeup on top of that, you’ll definitely not make it.

Does this mean going to work barefaced? Well, not exactly. Let these tips for makeup on the go help you manage your time wisely:

Tone and Moisturize Before You Go

There are some makeup products you can take with you. There are, however, some of them that are better left at home. That skin toner online makeup gurus recommend can be part of your morning routine at home, but bringing it with … Read More

Are you finding the trendy weiße kleider for your special occasion?

For those who like to wear dresses simplicity, a white should be one of their most favorite colors for clothing. In addition, this color also symbolizes cleanliness as well as purity. Actually, many people like to wear white; because it is a neutral color that perfectly matches any other colors available. When it comes to purchasing the clothes for a special occasion, you just take a look at the weiße kleider and also discover whether they are as white as the way that they were while bought them. In fact, the white always appears to be a most sensitive color for obtaining stained and also sometimes it turns to brownish or yellowish.

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