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Category Archives: Fashion

Gift Guide for Every Occasion

Choosing the right gift for your recipient can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Make sure that you consider the following things when shopping, and you’ll find a gift that your recipient is sure to love.

Image Source: Pexels

Shopping for someone else tends to be stressful, especially when you aren’t really sure what they would like as a gift. Rather than letting the stress of shopping get to you, when you use a gift guide that helps you decide what kind of gift to buy, shopping will be easy, fun, and you can rest assured that you will make a good choice.

Consider the Holiday

One important thing to take into consideration when shopping for a gift is the holiday that you are celebrating. Different holidays will require different types of gifts. Great gifts for someone special in your life may include Valentine’s Day nomination bracelets for women. Also consider jewelry for birthdays and Christmas, as well as other major holidays.

Image Source: Pexels

Think About Your Relationship

 Before you go shopping, you need to make sure to think about your relationship with the person you are shopping for so that you can choose an appropriate gift. Not all gifts are going to be the right option for every person, and you need to pick a gift that matches the relationship that you have. Consider whether you are friends, have dated for a while, are married, or if you are buying for another family member when you go shopping.

Consider What You Want to Say

In addition to thinking about the holiday that you’re celebrating and the relationship with the person you’re shopping for, consider what you want your gift to say. Some gifts, like beautiful pieces of jewelry, are going to show that you are very committed to the other person. Other gifts can be given if you want to show that you care.

Make sure to consider this gift guide to help you choose an appropriate gift when you are shopping for someone, no matter your relationship with them. Planning ahead before going shopping will not only save you a lot of stress and time, but it will ensure that they are as happy as can be when you finally do give them the gift that you chose. When they know that you put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect gift, then it is sure to mean a lot to them.

Honesty and Dedication in a Job Always Pay as With Me: Bridal Makeup Artist

Bridal Makeup Artist

It was my first job as a bridal makeup artist that I did for a bride in her wedding at her home. It was my first experience after getting trained under many reputed makeup artists. And I remembered that night that how beautiful that bride was looking. She thanked me a lot when I completed her makeup because I did what she wanted. It was my three years training that I got in a school from London where I was taught everything related to makeup art and products and how to use them. I was given all the practical and theoretical lessons about everything that in how much quantity a particular beauty product should be used and according to different skin tones. We were also taught about various types of skin tones we have and according to that how should be makeup done.

It was very intense training and I got at different centers too, six months training at Bangalore branch. By the way, I want to say that there are many experienced best makeup artists in Bangalore that you can get trained under.

 When I got my first job as I told you above of wedding makeup artist for an Indian bride’s wedding in London. I was happy. Because after finishing the training it was my first outdoor job. At first, the bride when she came to consult with me about what type of bridal makeup she wanted. She didn’t believe in me. Because I was fresher and just got out of school and applying to many reputed salons and artists for an assistant job. But when the bride, her name was Neha, saw my degree, she came to believe me a little but was very hesitant to hire me. At that time, I also needed a job and life to sustain. I tried to convince her that my job would be hundred percent satisfactory as you wanted. She believed in me because I was from India also and she was too, and we were from the same city too, Bangalore. In the end, after discussing everything, Neha finalized me as her bridal makeup artist. It was home makeup.

When I reached her home, it was all decorated in lights with different colors. A chauffeur came to pick me up and dropped me at the venue. It was a lavish wedding as I was seeing the wedding decoration. I went with my friend who assisted me in the makeup of the bride. She was very fair, though already looking beautiful she. I suggested her for going minimal and she agreed to me. She had long hairs, broad face and big eyes like a Barbie doll. 50 minutes I took in the whole makeup and when she saw herself in the mirror, she only said “wow” and nothing else. She hugged me because she was so satisfied that she recommended me to her other friends who were also going to marry in the coming time. She told me to stay and invited me at the same time in the wedding. At the end when the wedding got over, she gave me my check of 300 dollars. When she asked me about my future plans, I told her about opening a beauty parlor. When she heard this, she offered me the money to open the parlor in partnership. When I asked her why she was doing, she simply said that she was very satisfied with my honesty, my dedication towards my job and how I treated the client. Rather than opening my parlor in London, I opened in Bangalore because I wanted to live in my home city. Neha every year visited me and now we have become good friends that often hang out. I also listed myself on as a bridal makeup artist, bought its golden package. In one week, I often get two inquiries of makeup job that give me good money. It is an online wedding market in India.

Live in Luxury With Fur!

The colder months call for warm garments and fashion choices to reflect the weather. Luckily, a nice fur gilet is here to save the day! Commonly known as waistcoats, gilets are exceptional for men and women to stay cozy and look stylish.

Real fur clothing doesn’t have to beak the Royal Bank to afford. You can easily find gilets and jackets with warm insulation to keep your body heat comfortable when you’re on the go. Read on to find the benefits of these stylish pieces for your wardrobe.

How Can I Wear A Gilet?

The classic overcoat style is so versatile for all outfits. For example, you can don this coat over a causal outfit when you’re out on the town. In addition, a fur gilet can be worn over a snazzy black dress or tuxedo when you’re walking into the theater or going to a restaurant on a date.

What Should I Look For In A Gilet?

The perfect fur overcoat for you depends on your personal style. You may fancy a traditional black gilet or a proper brown coat. Compare and contrast your wardrobe with a new piece to achieve the fashion item you want in your closet.

How Warm Are These Overcoats?

Lush fur is fun and functional with thick overlays and hidden guard hairs to hold in your heat. Fur gets a bad reputation among fashionistas, but the best quality comes from a good life.

Most fur is produced with proper procedures and quality environments that create exquisite pieces for you to wear. Glossy and warm fur is exceptional when you need a coat for colder weather.

Why Choose A Gilet?

Firstly, a fur overcoat accentuates your outfit whether it be pants or a short skirt. The jacket is lengthy to hide any insecurities you may have about your body and cinches in the middle to create an hourglass figure.

How Do I Style A Fur Gilet?

You can style this classic overcoat any way you please! Some choose to deck out their style with a lengthy scarf that can be easily tucked into the gilet. Others keep their coat open to display glossy jewelry underneath.

Make it simple with layers of sleeveless shirts and a cardigan to go with your comfort level. You can pair the top with creased slacks or a pencil skirt for work. The opportunities are endless!

Gilets are fun and functional for day-to-day wear. Dress up with a proper overcoat for a fashionable accent to your ensemble Picture this gorgeous cape for your over wear scent when it gets cold outside to stay stylish. For more information visit

How to dress like The Duchess of Cambridge

Because of getting married to Prince Charles, Kate Middleton has come to the spotlight even more. We know her as a great human being we know her as the Duchess of Cambridge which has made her even more important for us. Media and paparazzi are all over Kate Middleton and every move she makes becomes the highlight on the screens. This is how the life of Kate Middleton has changed as she has become the Duchess of Cambridge.

You must be thinking that it is quite difficult for anyone to adopt the style and glamour of Duchess of Cambridge. I mean the way she wears skirts, women’s jackets and blazers etc. this might be true to some extent but when you have access to ownthelooks, there is nothing difficult for you if it is related to fashion.

Royal Family

To be the part of the royal family, you have to be classy and elegant. Both of these things are so easy for you to gain now because you have Own the looks discount code online store.

What is really required to dress up like the Duchess of Cambridge?

Own the looks is the answer to your question why it is so easy to adopt the style and fashion of Kate Middleton. We know she has already been very stylish but now we see her as a duchess which makes us want to dress up like her even more.

Tips to get a royal wardrobe

Waist Definition

You need to be very accurate about it. if you are not wearing well-tailored dresses, you won’t be able to dress up like the Royals. You can also use belts for that purpose. They are also a good tool to help you define your waits.

Dark Blazers

When you look at the dresses of Kate Middleton, there are more of darker shades than the lighter ones. when she wears lighter shades, they are mostly pastels. The blazers she wears play an ample amount of role in defining her body shape even more.

Knee length dresses

You might have observed that most of the shorter dresses Kate wears are not shorter than her knee. To adopt her looks, you can carry this classy look of hers too.


pastels are really attractive and appear even more beautiful when you wear them with pride just like Kate.

Nude Pumps

The glorious nude pumps are approachable to all. anyone can wear them to look classy and charming.

Repeating Outfits

There are so many people who feel shy about repeating clothes but this has never been the thing of Kate Middleton. She has never been shy wearing outfits repeatedly and she has become quite expert in it as well.

Ownthelooks UK

Dressing like Kate Middleton is nothing so complex. If you find it difficult to get the outfits she wears, you can use own the looks for that. there are a lot of royal style dresses for you which you would really love to wear. Ownthelooks sale have made it really easy for you to dress up like royals.

About Thigh High Boots

The first reason is that comfort and security that comes with wearing these boots. With them, a lady feels indestructible, not the weather, not the occasional fear of bad shoes, nothing can scare you. These are the proper wear when you do not know what to expect, and they give you that confidence.

These shoes have other advantages such as they fit well, they can hardly come off, and therefore they are best for rigorous occasions such as hikes and outings. Boots that come with laces all the way up, make you feel like the shoe is part of you and you can even run and do rigorous exercises with them.

They come in different designs when it comes to the heel part; there are those that are wedged, flat heeled, high heeled and all manner of heels. Based on how you want it then, you can have it. For example for the short ladies in need of gaining an extra height at that social event, then the more heeled ones are your take.

Women love fashion, and many celebrities and models have been wearing these boots for ages. It, therefore, cannot hurt for a lady to look like her favorite celebrity by wearing the same type of footwear she saw her wearing at a red carpet event. These are some of the best fashionable shoes in the market all over the world.