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How To Make A Fantastic Short Film

One unique form of artistic expression are indie films. A wide variety of people make up short filmmakers. The great thing about Indie filmmaking is that it doesn’t belong to one single group of people. Instead they can be enjoyed by all kinds of people all over the world people.

Short filmmakers are heavily controlled by their budgets. Wonderful creative masterpieces have to compromise scenes in order to meet their financial limitations. Filmmakers have a big need to save money. There are interesting and creative ways to stay within your budget and still make a great short film.

Thanks to technology filmmaking has become easier than ever. This means a film can be shot and edited for very little money. Even a feature-length film can be made within a strict budget. When the budget is modest an indie filmmaker can feel freer to make mistakes. Things can go wrong and still be corrected. When a short film has a large budget the filmmaker may find the pressure is too intense.

With the clear budget in mind you can begin planning your short film. You’ll want to find a story that inspires you personally. You can write the screenplay or you can have somebody write it for you.

There are four main ingredients to a screenplay that has to be above-average. The four places where the screenplay has to shine are actions, goals, dialogue, and setting. There’s a reason why these four elements are needed to help an indie film succeed.

The goal needs to be identified for your character to come to life. A quality goal is a specific goal. The reason is a clear goal can be calculated. You want your audience members to identify with what the character is feeling and clearly understand whether or not their goal is being achieved. Viewers will not be able to pay attention if you don’t have a specific goal. For example if the goal of your character is to be happier it’ll be hard to tell if they are achieving their goal.

The actions of the character are another fun ingredient. Your audience will want to see your character actively trying to get their goal. Then you can mix goals and actions with good dialogue.

Finally the setting is another opportunity to impress. You can have a normal setting or an absurd setting. The idea is that you want to make sure you spend time filming in a setting that is enjoyable to watch. If the setting consistently has a low light it might be hard for audience members to feel engaged. A good filmmaker is like a magician and will sneak all of these elements in together.

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