Honesty and Dedication in a Job Always Pay as With Me: Bridal Makeup Artist

Honesty and Dedication in a Job Always Pay as With Me: Bridal Makeup Artist

Bridal Makeup Artist

It was my first job as a bridal makeup artist that I did for a bride in her wedding at her home. It was my first experience after getting trained under many reputed makeup artists. And I remembered that night that how beautiful that bride was looking. She thanked me a lot when I completed her makeup because I did what she wanted. It was my three years training that I got in a school from London where I was taught everything related to makeup art and products and how to use them. I was given all the practical and theoretical lessons about everything that in how much quantity a particular beauty product should be used and according to different skin tones. We were also taught about various types of skin tones we have and according to that how should be makeup done.

It was very intense training and I got at different centers too, six months training at Bangalore branch. By the way, I want to say that there are many experienced best makeup artists in Bangalore that you can get trained under.

 When I got my first job as I told you above of wedding makeup artist for an Indian bride’s wedding in London. I was happy. Because after finishing the training it was my first outdoor job. At first, the bride when she came to consult with me about what type of bridal makeup she wanted. She didn’t believe in me. Because I was fresher and just got out of school and applying to many reputed salons and artists for an assistant job. But when the bride, her name was Neha, saw my degree, she came to believe me a little but was very hesitant to hire me. At that time, I also needed a job and life to sustain. I tried to convince her that my job would be hundred percent satisfactory as you wanted. She believed in me because I was from India also and she was too, and we were from the same city too, Bangalore. In the end, after discussing everything, Neha finalized me as her bridal makeup artist. It was home makeup.

When I reached her home, it was all decorated in lights with different colors. A chauffeur came to pick me up and dropped me at the venue. It was a lavish wedding as I was seeing the wedding decoration. I went with my friend who assisted me in the makeup of the bride. She was very fair, though already looking beautiful she. I suggested her for going minimal and she agreed to me. She had long hairs, broad face and big eyes like a Barbie doll. 50 minutes I took in the whole makeup and when she saw herself in the mirror, she only said “wow” and nothing else. She hugged me because she was so satisfied that she recommended me to her other friends who were also going to marry in the coming time. She told me to stay and invited me at the same time in the wedding. At the end when the wedding got over, she gave me my check of 300 dollars. When she asked me about my future plans, I told her about opening a beauty parlor. When she heard this, she offered me the money to open the parlor in partnership. When I asked her why she was doing, she simply said that she was very satisfied with my honesty, my dedication towards my job and how I treated the client. Rather than opening my parlor in London, I opened in Bangalore because I wanted to live in my home city. Neha every year visited me and now we have become good friends that often hang out. I also listed myself on Shaadidukaan.com as a bridal makeup artist, bought its golden package. In one week, I often get two inquiries of makeup job that give me good money. It is an online wedding market in India.

Latoya Dorr