How to Start Selling Sunglasses Online

How to Start Selling Sunglasses Online


Sunglasses are an excellent product for ecommerce, which is why they are such a popular choice for those looking to get started in selling things online. There are primarily two types of sunglasses typically sold online – inexpensive pairs usually bought wholesale by the seller and the much mor expensive designer sunglasses typically sold as more luxury objects. Both have their place, but the most popular type is the former – and for good reason.

Go With Wholesale Sunglasses

When it comes to brand-name designer sunglasses, we are effectively talking about statements of high fashion. The popularity of these sunglasses is much more down to things like celebrity endorsements and brand prestige than it is about their functionality. Accordingly, these types of sunglasses are not the best ones to begin with if you are looking to sell sunglasses online. For that, you need think about practical appeal.

Fashionable, durable, and effective sunglasses are something that people need – despite what you may think – all year round and for assorted reasons. Sunglasses can be a driving aid if glare is a persistent problem; they are an essential part of any winter sports kit, which is why you will still find them popular during the winter months; they are useful for those who need to relieve eye strain from working on a computer all day. Above all, their price means that customers typically buy a few pairs.

This is what makes wholesale sunglasses such a lucrative option for those looking to just get started in ecommerce. They can be purchased in assorted batches, meaning that it is possible to offer as many distinctive styles as possible, offering a broad market appeal. They are also attractive, even flashy products which look good displayed in the products section of any ecommerce website.

How to Get Started Selling Sunglasses

If you want to get started in ecommerce sunglasses selling, then the first thing to do is to find a good bulk supplier that not only can give you enough sunglasses to fill an inventory at a low price, but who can also provide a good range of styles. Olympic Eyewear, an online sunglasses wholesaler out of SLC, Utah, advise that a diverse inventory is the most important thing to have. Being inexpensive, sunglasses will often be bought on a whim so and encouraging that type of consumer decision is all about being instantly attractive. Having a disparate range of styles ensures that you have the biggest chance of at least one pair catching the eye of each consumer and encouraging that snap decision.

Where to Sell Sunglasses Online

Of course, you can sell your sunglasses on your own ecommerce site. However, if you are just getting started in the business, the chances are you will not have a great deal of traffic on your ecommerce site. Accordingly, it’s wise to cultivate a multi-channel strategy and to sell on a handful of trusted platforms to begin with. Sites such as Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and the others will allow you to reach the biggest market possible.

Another important tip is to try to consolidate your inventory handling and order fulfillment processes. Sell through multiple channels but aim to have a singular inventory located at one place and have order fulfilment carried out by a single company – or, indeed, handle it yourself.

Last Word

So, these points are the most important to bear in mind if you are getting started selling sunglasses online. Consolidate your operations where you can and have a multi-channel selling strategy. Beyond that, simply make sure you have a diverse range of inexpensive sunglasses to offer. People want them and people need them.

Patricia Wilson