Makeup on the Go: Preparing While Commuting

Makeup on the Go: Preparing While Commuting

You sleep late, so you wake up late. You’re always running on no sleep and the few minutes you have in the morning is spent beating the rush-hour traffic to get to work on time. If you add makeup on top of that, you’ll definitely not make it.

Does this mean going to work barefaced? Well, not exactly. Let these tips for makeup on the go help you manage your time wisely:

Tone and Moisturize Before You Go


There are some makeup products you can take with you. There are, however, some of them that are better left at home. That skin toner online makeup gurus recommend can be part of your morning routine at home, but bringing it with you means also bringing cotton pads for application. There’s also the risk of it spilling in your bag.

The moisturizer can be kept in your pouch, but it will have more time to be absorbed by the face if you already apply it after your toner at home.

Keep Free Samples in Your Bag

For home, you might want to buy bigger bottles of product to save some money. When you’re traveling or commuting, these big bottles will be bulky and inconvenient to carry around. Thankfully, shops often have free samples in smaller tubes. Go ahead and take them so you will have a stash in your bag. They might also come with your next online haul, which means you’re getting them for free with your purchase. If all else fails, buy travel-sized containers and transfer some of the product into them.

Buy Multipurpose Products

When commuting, you want the full makeup to look without having to carry everything from your makeup table. You’ll save some time and conserve space in your bag by carrying items that can be used in several ways. For instance, eyeshadow that can double as a highlighter will be perfect when you’re on the road. Your lip and cheek tint can also replace your lipstick and your blush, and it lasts the whole day too!

Know Your Colors

M4ordbSWhen you have several products at home and you’re buying just anything that strikes your fancy, it’s easy to come up with solutions when a lipstick shade or a foundation is too light or too dark for you. However, this means you need some time to mix and blend shades, a luxury you don’t have on the road. This emphasizes the importance of knowing your skin tone so that one single product will look good on you without needing much correcting.


It will not be easy from the get-go. You’ll want to reach out for tools and products that you realize are not with you while commuting. Don’t let this discourage you. You’ll develop resourcefulness along the way, and you’ll also discover that you don’t need to wake up super early just to apply the hundreds of makeup products you’ve accumulated. After a while, doing your makeup on the go–with a perfect winged eyeliner–will feel like no trouble at all.

Everyone wants to look picture perfect. When you don’t have the time to do it at home, you need the skills and tools to let you do it on the way to work.

Patricia Wilson