What a Man’s Shoes Say About Him

What a Man’s Shoes Say About Him

As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul, the shoes are the windows to almost every aspect of a man. What a man puts on his feet reflect dozens about him. From being lazy, oblivious, keen, to style-savvy and there are more shoes can tell about a man. They say ladies judge men’s shoes twice as men do, making shoes the turning point for a woman choosing to associate or not to.

Let’s have a look at some of the trending shoes you can easily find at EGO shoes online store and describe what they can tell about a man putting them on. Of course, not conclusively outright to put off a man because of their footwear, whether you realize or not, they speak volumes about you. It could be wrong in some instances and it is not right entirely write off a man because they wear unattractive footwear but still, we are partial about men who mind their kicks.


Vans are easy-going and low maintenance shoes. What they speak about a man putting them on is weird. Absent-minded and it is not a surprise if he arrives at things too late. Before putting them on, you should be oblivious of what the public says about it, nevertheless, they are attractive and still can find a matching occasion.

Desert boots

They are trendy yet underrated by most. They reflect masculine but not aggressive. What they say about a man wearing them on is positive. Detail-oriented but never flashy needless to say he is likable.

Driving mocs

Stylish shoes with high maintenance costs. Its baby smooth leather requires regular suede for upkeep and care. What they say about a man wearing them is favorable, someone who is up to date with the latest trends in the market and fairly likable and admirable before the eyes of many.

Black dress shoes

They are common and most likely to be worn by those men who like being official and with self-respect and hopefully extend respect to others. They do match with black trousers and its variants.

Rainbow flip-flops

This laid-back show will signal a dude with super chill and no care in the world. For those who do not like to succumb to the societal expectations of him even when he should. It depicts someone lazy and careless.


For those rough terrains and tough weather conditions, they withstand all those. They may be intended for hiking, but some men steal for other occasions to dictate they are rough and tough.

Sperry boat shoes

Traditionalists and retro stereotype, someone who likes to step into his father’s footsteps for the shoes they wore during every other summer season. Putting on this shoe says how conservative you are and with no regrets.

Lace-UP Oxfords

Solid and responsible man who means business and depicts a gentleman he is. Putting on this type of shoes as a man tells how you are committed and swift enough to meet responsibilities of any kind.


The list is endless and we hope to cover in the next post-God willing. The shoe a man wears speaks a lot but not all. Some people might not be good when it comes to shoes but still knows it all.

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